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YYC Massage Therapy is a professional business that can do so much for so many people! Lee pinpointed my symptoms and had me feeling better by the end of the hour, I even got excercises to do at home.



I started this business back in 2013, shortly after our son was born.

During my son’s birth, the doctors almost lost mother and baby, resulting in many health problems and disability diagnoses. 

This led my family into the world of alternative and traditional health practices. 

Along the way, I have discovered many modalities and as a result, I opened up our first center in Kelowna, BC.

Deciding to move to Calgary, AB in order to provide our son with better therapy, was a huge move for my family but I sold my thriving practice and took some time to adjust to the new city. 

To this day, we have surprised doctors with my son’s improvements, changing the diagnosis, and shaking up the notion that what you are diagnosed with is what you are stuck with. 

My passion is to help others achieve the same unstoppable healing that we have been able to gain over the years.

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Myofascial Massage Treatments

30-minutes = $50.00
60-minutes = $90.00
90-minutes = $130.00
*Wisdom Discount for 55 years and up

We have also opened up funding so that we can work with clients who can not always afford regular care, all that we ask is that you fill out a form for fee assistance.

We also offer a $25 referral credit that goes to you and $25 to anyone you refer to us for their first treatment. 

MVA & Direct Billing



When you purchase any of my services, you will also be giving back and helping families affected by chronic pain and disability.

My son was diagnosed in 2012 with Cerebral Palsy, Apraxia of Speech, and neurodivergent. Since that day, supporting the community has been a big part of what we do.

Have peace of mind knowing that for every treatment you get, a portion of the revenue is going back into our community!



If you need to contact Lee Botbijl directly you can text his cell phone at 403.479.5991

1393 Shawnee Rd SW, Calgary, AB T2Y 2T1, Canada

(403) 460-3554


1393 Shawnee Rd SW, Calgary, AB T2Y 2T1, Canada

(403) 460-3554

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